Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A shiny new President

Barack Obama will definitely change what we think of the office of the President of the United States. He will challenge our stereotypes and expectations. It will be interesting to see what he does with this challenge.

In his endeavours to make his mark on America and the world, he will have to deal with The US Congress, foreign leaders, and the captains of industry.

Below is my Top Ten list of most used quotes for the next four years.

1. "Can't a Bruthu git some change aroun hea?"

2. "But I'm the chosen one!"

3. "I did not sleep with Oprah"

4. "No I'm NOT a Muslim!"

5. "Et tu Hillary?"

6. "No U CanT Haz Ur GuNz"

7. "Bidden who?"

8. "Well at least Africa likes us now"

9. "Yes, we filled the pool with grape soda"

10. "YES WE CAN (if they'll let me)"


Vegetable Assassin said...

What is that business with African Americans and grape soda? My friend Lana (who happens to be African American) lives on the damn stuff. Maybe Asian people favour Cream Soda and Hispanics dig Root Beer or something. WTF?

Having said that, a pool filled with it sounds ok, so long as they take out the grape soda and put Diet Pepsi in. Then I'm in there, man. I'm in there, GOOD.

Now what were you saying about Obama. I wonder if Irish people like him because they think his name is O'Bama?

Dog Breath said...

O'Bamma fer sure n' will you be passi'n me a slice of that Barack?

Barack sounds like some Scottish sausage made with blood and dirt.

~E said...

You know, in that last picture, Mr. Obama kinda looks like The Rock.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I meant he kinda looks like "Dwayne Johnson"

Anonymous said...

A Scottish sausage made of blood and dirt sounds like a penis. Uh...sort of. No. I meant a haggis. Right.

I totally meant a penis.

Dog Breath said...


I can't smell what Obamma is cooking.


A penis and Haggis are quite different. One of them is edible.

And Haggis has oatmeal in it for some reason, probably for padding.