Thursday, December 11, 2008

Korean man get's second chance at life

This is the sort of thing that doesn't happen often folks. You live a good life, work hard and all that good Carma finally pays off!

News report linked here:
An unidentified Korean man has hit the jackpot! An F/A-18D fighter jet attempting to land at Miramar (Top Gun) airbase crashed into his house killing his family and his HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW.

He's single, has no mortgage, is going to get a HUGE settlement from the Navy and his Mother-in-law died in a fiery explosion!
If that isn't better than winning the Olympics (all the gold medals together) then I don't know what is.

Call me old fashioned but this whole thing is making me tear up.
With my Carma, my Mother-in-law will probably outlive me and I'll probably end up emptying her colostomy bag till my third heart attack.
Maybe if I put a giant magnet in my basement....


Poobomber said...

Damnit dude, I endorsed you and you've gone and spelled Karma all wrong!

That dude is going to be even luckier if they let him keep some missiles the plane crash mighta left behind, having one of those would be awesome.

Dog Breath said...

My "Carma" is the flavor of brown sugar.

OK I can't spell. Pffft!